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Dunbar Township Elementary

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Welcome to our Brand New Library & Makerspace!

It’s a super exciting year at Dunbar Township Elementary! Over the summer, the DT library was renovated and transformed into a makerspace.  We still have books (It’s my favorite pastime and I hope it will be your child's), however, our space is now more “hands-on.”  The library contains numerous manipulatives that will enhance every curriculum in our building and supplement learning on all aspects of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).  I cannot tell you how excited I am to join your child in this new and exciting adventure!


Library projects will be explained and completed using a variety of technology and manipulatives!  Between the makerspaces, library literature, computer lab and SMALLab, I will be teaching a curriculum that is based on cohesive project learning. 


Please make sure your child takes care of and brings back their library book each week.  Also, please review with them how fortunate they are to have access to very innovative and expensive products in our library.  They must take care of every item.  


  • Respect each other. Show respect to everyone who enters our classroom, including self, peers, teachers, visitors, and their belongings.

  • Pay attention. When class starts or teacher is giving instruction, you should be in your seat and attentive.

Appropriate Use

  • Use computers, materials and equipment properly and ethically.

  • Do NOT damage the computers/equipment in any way. If you find a problem with your computer, let the instructor know ASAP!


  • Take responsibility for your work space. Clean up after yourself.

  • Practice working well by yourself and with peers.

  • Talk at the appropriate “level.”  

    • Level 0: No talking! This is while the teacher or friend is speaking.

    • Level 1: Normal “inside voice.”  This is during open making, collaboration and projects. The student should hear my voice or claps.

    • Level 2: This is a “presentation” voice.  This is the typical voice of my instruction and if a student is speaking to the class. 

I am available if you need me! Please contact me if you have any questions!  

Melissa Saveikis